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Your home is a system, and all parts of the crawlspace affects the other. If you start to notice bouncy or sagging floors, it’s likely that your crawl space is losing support and is in need of repair. In most cases, the answer to crawlspace problems is to improve drainage, control moisture, remove wood rot, and provide additional support systems.

If you have concerns with your crawlspace, Accurate Shoring & Foundation has the tools, products, and 20 years of experience to help resolve your structural problems.

Three Common Crawlspace Problems


Without a proper drainage system, a crawlspace will hold water. If not addressed, standing water will cause the wooden structure to mold and rot and eventually weaken beams and joists. A depreciated wood structure may cause floors and subfloors to sag and your home may shift off the foundation. A proper drainage system prevents excess water from concentrating too close to the crawlspace.


Ventilated crawlspaces allow ambient air to flow in and out. While the intent is to remove moisture from the crawlspace, the opposite can occur with a hot and humid climate. When the warm, humid air enters the crawlspace, it rises and accumulates below the home’s floor. If the home is air-conditioned and the floor uninsulated, condensation will often form on the wood structure. The underside of the subfloor will be affected by the moisture and eventually will mold and rot.


• Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space or living area

• Musty odors or high humidity in the living area

• Buckled hardwood floors

• Insect infestations

• Rot in wooden framing members

• Condensation on air conditioning ductwork or equipment, insulation, water pipes


Pier columns throughout the crawlspace support the weight of the floors above. Improper placement of the columns puts extensive pressure on the beams and joists causing them to bend, sag, or bounce. Therefore, floors start to slope, causing cracks and other cosmetic problems in the home.

  • Mr. Alegria,
    I would like to acknowledge the excellent work that Accurate Shoring & Foundation performed on my father’s house. The estimated time to complete the job was right on target and professionally done. The workers made sure that when the job was completed the area was cleaned up very well. I am happy to say to anyone needing foundation work on their home, that Accurate Shoring & Foundation would be the company to go to for the best job.
    S. Hauer
  • I want you to know what a great job your crew did. They were very careful, courteous, and worked very hard. The crew worked as a team which is something you just do not see anymore. They really are the best. When I had a concern, John was right there and took care of it. When I thought my house was coming apart, John reassured me that they had it under control. The crew also did everything they said they were going to do and I am so pleased. It has been a great experience for me. I will not have any problems recommending your company to anyone.
    Thank you
    L. Ruth
  • Mr. Alegria,
    I wanted to thank you personally for the manner in which you handled this very important project for me. Your knowledge and professionalism was shown in the end result. I slept really well last night knowing my foundation was in good shape. My husband will wear your tee shirt proudly.
    N. Montalbano