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  • Foundation Repair


The integrity of your home’s foundation is crucial to the well-being of your house. A cracked, bulging, or sinking foundation must be repaired before the rest of your structure becomes unsound. The professionals at Accurate Shoring & Foundation specialize in concrete foundation support and repairs and house leveling for residential and commercial structures.

Foundation failure, even relatively minor foundation damage, can lead to large repairs and expensive costs down the road. Scan for potential signs of foundation damage and address these issues as soon as they appear. Many of these signs often manifest in other parts of the home, usually several levels above the underlying foundation.


Our professionals understand the moisture variations in Louisiana’s clay soil is a cause for foundation problems. Just as the earth swells when over saturated by heavy rains, the soil contracts as temperatures rise. During periods of dry weather, moisture in the soil evaporates which causes the soil to shrink. The foundation, especially concrete slabs, will then sink if voids are in the space between the dirt and the footings. The strength of the foundation will then be compromised and the foundation will start to settle, shift, or possibly crack. During severe droughts, the soil around a structure moves and settles at a faster pace causing foundation movement. Most slabs are designed to handle some movement, but over time, any substantial shifting can cause major structural damage. The hidden effects of Louisiana’s summer droughts and lack of moisture in the winter often go unseen until cracks in and around the home become visible. Understanding why these problems occur is critical to understanding how to correct them.


1. Cracks in Exterior or Interior Brick

2. Sloping, Sagging, or Buckling of Foundation Floors or Walls

3. Cracks in Floor, Floor Tiles, or Foundation

4. Spaces Between Wall and Ceiling or Floor

5. Cracked or Displaced Moldings

6. Improperly Fitting Doors & Windows

7. Water Damage, Excess Moisture in Crawlspace, Soil Shifting

8. Wall Rotation

9. Walls Separating From House

10. Cracks in Walls or Bowing of Walls

  • Mr. Alegria,
    I would like to acknowledge the excellent work that Accurate Shoring & Foundation performed on my father’s house. The estimated time to complete the job was right on target and professionally done. The workers made sure that when the job was completed the area was cleaned up very well. I am happy to say to anyone needing foundation work on their home, that Accurate Shoring & Foundation would be the company to go to for the best job.
    S. Hauer
  • I want you to know what a great job your crew did. They were very careful, courteous, and worked very hard. The crew worked as a team which is something you just do not see anymore. They really are the best. When I had a concern, John was right there and took care of it. When I thought my house was coming apart, John reassured me that they had it under control. The crew also did everything they said they were going to do and I am so pleased. It has been a great experience for me. I will not have any problems recommending your company to anyone.
    Thank you
    L. Ruth
  • Mr. Alegria,
    I wanted to thank you personally for the manner in which you handled this very important project for me. Your knowledge and professionalism was shown in the end result. I slept really well last night knowing my foundation was in good shape. My husband will wear your tee shirt proudly.
    N. Montalbano