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  • House Leveling



Structures are leveled dependent on whether the foundation is a concrete slab or an elevated structure.

There are many types of structures so each require different methods of house leveling. Understanding the structure type you have is critical to understanding the proper repair plan needed to level the structure. Whether the structure is on a concrete slab or elevated, independent or universal hydraulic systems are used dependent on the severity of the foundation damage.

Concrete Slab Foundations

Slab homes require a piling system driven to the proper refusal. Once refusal is met, then an independent or hydraulic system is installed at each station. Our trained supervisors instructs the crew to level the structure to the proper reference point.

Elevated Structures

Elevated structures such as a block and base and pier and beam raised homes, in turn called crawlspaces, require a different leveling process to reach proper elevation. Prior to repair, our trained professionals do a thorough inspection of the subfloor and all structural components under the crawlspace. Rigging and cribbing are set for proper support, rotten or compromised beams and joists under the crawlspace are removed or replaced, and pier system with the right cells and tie-downs are installed with the right foundations. This is to ensure proper elevation can be reached.

  • Mr. Alegria,
    I would like to acknowledge the excellent work that Accurate Shoring & Foundation performed on my father’s house. The estimated time to complete the job was right on target and professionally done. The workers made sure that when the job was completed the area was cleaned up very well. I am happy to say to anyone needing foundation work on their home, that Accurate Shoring & Foundation would be the company to go to for the best job.
    S. Hauer
  • I want you to know what a great job your crew did. They were very careful, courteous, and worked very hard. The crew worked as a team which is something you just do not see anymore. They really are the best. When I had a concern, John was right there and took care of it. When I thought my house was coming apart, John reassured me that they had it under control. The crew also did everything they said they were going to do and I am so pleased. It has been a great experience for me. I will not have any problems recommending your company to anyone.
    Thank you
    L. Ruth
  • Mr. Alegria,
    I wanted to thank you personally for the manner in which you handled this very important project for me. Your knowledge and professionalism was shown in the end result. I slept really well last night knowing my foundation was in good shape. My husband will wear your tee shirt proudly.
    N. Montalbano